Customizable AI-based in-line process monitoring platform for achieving zero-defect manufacturing in the PV industry

Platform-ZERO will demonstrate an innovative holistic process monitoring technology through the development, installation and validation at TRL7 of 4 functional demonstrators in different photovoltaic (PV) and PV-related manufacturing lines: roll-to-roll (CIGS solar foil), sheet-to-sheet (high efficiency CIGS and perovskite) and line flow (smart coatings) PV and PV-related manufacturing lines. The Platform-ZERO technology will contribute to increasing the overall quality, reducing the defects of the components (lowering industrial waste), as well as the cost of high-tech PV devices while increasing the competitiveness of EU’s PV industry and allowing PV to become a key energy source for Europe’s transition towards climate-neutral energy generation. The Platform-Zero consortium joins together partners with a strong background in advanced characterization of complex materials and process monitoring methodologies; and partners who are leaders at the European level in the development/production of third generation PV devices and related products. Besides, the role of research centres and innovative SMEs is key to guarantee the needed multisciplinary approach to the project.