Anaïs Gandelin

Communication and Graphic Design Manager
After graduating from a business and marketing BTEC Higher National Diploma in Normandy in 2016, Anaïs studied communication and graphic design during a second BTEC Higher National Diploma, obtained in 2018. Afterwards, Anaïs joined Kedge Business School in Marseille and completed her Master’s degree in 2022. During her studies, she had several professional experiences in internal and external communications at Ferrero France, Barnes International et Christian Dior Couture, in France and abroad. She was also involved in several associations, including her school’s communication agency. After spending several months in South-East Asia, Anaïs joined the French Branch of R2M Solution in 2023 as Communication & Graphic Design Manager.

Main area of activity in R2M:

In September 2023, Anaïs joined the R2M French branch as Communication & Graphic Design Manager. She contributes to the communications strategy of the R2M French branch. She is involved in different projects about communication and dissemination issues, such as BIO4EEB, HYBRIDplus, PLATFORMZERO and SRI2MARKET.

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