Alessia Peluchetti

R&D Researcher and Urban simulation engineer

Alessia Peluchetti holds a MSc degree in Building Engineering and Architecture from Università degli studi di Brescia. During her studies, she attended the Erasmus Plus program at Heriot Watt University in the United Kingdom and did a master thesis research at McMaster University in Canada.

The academic background helped her develop skills in the macro areas of building design and built environment, that are particularly related to green infrastructure and building energy modelling/analysis.

Thanks to the time spent working for GREENPASS in Vienna, she gained experience with NBS, GI and microclimate simulations.

She also has experience with energy audit (DLgs 102/2014)  and PV systems design.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Alessia is part of the Innovation division. She is part of the team in the HORIZON 2020 European Projects React.

She is part of the IES Virtual Environment team and she is in charge of training and consultancy to GREENPASS software and GREENPASS certifications in Italy.

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