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Meet the R2M family

R2M Solution is an integrated and multi-disciplinary consulting company that aggressively targets filling the gap between research activities and market implementation. We excel at helping companies grow and acting as an accelerator for bringing technologies and services to the market across the fields of Innovation Management, Engineering, Energy, and ICT/Automation. We invest in opportunities, conduct research, and offer pure engineering, energy services, and ICT consulting services. We actively seek spinoff creation opportunities, showcase promising technologies and build clusters for their uptake.

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  • 01-Management
  • 02-Administration
  • 03-Innovation Division
  • 04-Sustainability Division
  • 05-Energy Division
  • 06-ICT Division
  • 07-Zutec Service Line
  • 08-IES Service Line
  • 09-Onyx Service Line
  • 10-Synavision Service Line
  • 11-BIMcollab Service Line
  • 12-GreenPass Service Line
  • 13-Matterport Service Line
  • 14-WiredScore Service Line
  • 15-Brainbox AI Service Line
  • 16-Digital Construction Service Line
  • 17-Italian Branch
  • 18-Spanish Branch
  • 19-French Branch
  • 20-UK Branch
  • 21-Spaceti Service Line
  • Digital and Sustainable Transition in Buildings